Free Weight Loss Program

Free Weight Loss Program

A free weight loss program is available for dieters who can not spend money on a paid weight loss program. This can be through the Internet or through regular meetings. Frequently, behavioral changes that prevent someone from venturing into a dinner are recommended and offered for free. In the free trial, the diet was changed for several days. By replacing high-calorie foods with low-calorie substitutes, the effects of diet can be noticed in a few weeks.

These free weight loss program provide the same resources as the programs paid to dieters and who are responsible for their own weight loss. Such programs generally lack individual guidance, and that is a great weakness. Second, the quality of free programs is often not as high as with paid programs. Third, users tend to complain about unclear plans that are not planned or planned with care. Attention to detail is generally kept to a minimum. Another disadvantage is the possibility of damage to health due to inadequate diet and recommended menus.

Someone has to avoid the extremes mentioned in this weight loss program / program and decide for themselves how certain plans should be administered or modified as the case may be. A free weight loss program is a good way to start a weight loss program and get the same knowledge. A free weight loss program can work as important tools to choose the best paid weight loss program later. In addition, many dieters claim to have benefited significantly from these programs and, therefore, experimenting with them sounds a reasonable proposition. Most of these programs come with the slogan “test at your own risk” and, therefore, wisdom is very important when you start with these programs.

Best Free Weight Loss Program to Help You Lose Weight

There are many health and fitness applications for your mobile device that are free to use and do not require any device. MyFitnessPal is an excellent free weight loss program to record your daily caloric intake and exercise. Sworkit allows you to do exercises according to any time frame and schedule. Use one of the seven free health apps listed below and stay on track to overcome all of your weight loss dreams.

1. Maipo

Maipo is a free weight loss program from iPhone that works like a pedometer. The application calculates the number of steps you take during the day, how long you have walked and how many calories you have burned. Anyone who is motivated by visual elements will like the monthly calendar screen, which has a graph that allows you to see what you achieve each day of the month.


  • Daily objective advice based on your height and weight
  • Nine color themes to choose from


  • There is not an Android version

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2. SparkPeople Mobile

Consistently gets five stars in iTunes, the SparkPeople app is not only the best calorie tracking app, but also one of the best free weight loss program. Users can upload their daily exercise routines, enter their food and water intake, and access various nutrition lists. All of these tools are easy to use and developing healthy habits is much more enjoyable.

The points you make to reach the goal are excellent motivators, and users can join the community feed to get encouragement from other members.


  • Works with iPhone and Android devices
  • Barcode scanners quickly put caloric and nutritional information
  • Present with a healthy-centered meal planner


  • Amount of potentially extraordinary information
  • Email flooded after registering

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3. Fooducate

No matter what free weight loss program you want to follow, Fooducate is a very good friend. This application is available for download in iTunes and Google Play. This is one of the best food applications because it receives the grand prize in the Health Request of the US Surgeon Challenge Health. The scanner recognizes more than 250,000 products and applications that help you track your level of sleep, mood and hunger to determine how the food you eat affects your body.


  • You can join the member community to ask or give advice
  • Follow the quality of the calories you eat, not just the amount
  • You can customize the accounts of age, weight, height, sex and activity level
  • Option to import training data from other applications


  • There is no easy way to find product nutrition information
  • Limited food database

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4. Weight Watchers

When it comes to free weight loss program, Weight Watchers is among the best. In fact, Weight Watchers ranked No. 1 in every four different categories of US News & World Report. Weight Watchers members can download their heavy tracking apps on iTunes or Google Play to search thousands of prescription plans, set weight loss goals and monitor progress.


  • You can share progress with the community
  • A badge is delivered to achieve the goal
  • Synchronize with Apple Health to monitor the step


  • Requires a paid subscription for Weight Watchers

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5. ShopWell

Recommended by “The Today Show” and EatingWell, ShopWell is one of the best free weight loss program on the market. This can provide you with instant information on more than 400,000 products and recommend healthy substitutes for unhealthy options. Additional features include a location finder for food in the grocery store and in the cell store that allows you to order the foods that are recommended directly from the application.


  • Warning about food allergies, such as gluten, peanuts and soy
  • Compatible with Apple Health Kit


  • Do not come with a recipe
  • It is not really an independent product

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6. MyFitnessPal Mobile

MyFitnessPal Mobile makes calorie counting fast and easy. Users set their daily calorie goals and then log in to record all food and exercise. This application reveals how many calories you consume so you know what you eat.


  • Synchronize web and mobile applications
  • Very large food database
  • You can record food from your favorite restaurant
  • The characteristics of the community foster responsibility


  • Requires a payment of $ 9.99 per month to improve and unlock all functions
  • Have inaccurate nutritional information generated by the user

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7. Nike Training Club

People with training goals in the New Year’s resolution list will find that the Nike Training Club application is one of the best free weight loss program. Nike experienced trainers and athletes collect more than 100 exercises to be selected by members. Users can take advantage of the personal training plans that will be adapted according to their weekly progress. You can add activities such as playing basketball or taking a spinning class with an awesome new gym membership.


  • The application contains exercises for all levels
  • Opportunity to work with celebrities
  • Synchronization exercises with Apple Health


  • Users report an error problem

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Therefore, do not feel pressured to buy the latest weight loss devices or high-tech fitness devices; It may not work, and you’d better use a free weight loss program that’s already in your arsenal. At least you do not have to worry about wearing a bad rubber wristband every day.