Lose Weight In Two Weeks

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Increasing public awareness of the importance of having an ideal body weight is followed by more and more types of diets to lose weight quickly. Lose weight in two weeks seems to be achieved with certain programs.

One diet that is currently on the rise among Hollywood artists is the Thonon diet, which is said to be able to pour body fat up to 5 kilograms in just 2 weeks. Is lose weight in two weeks safe?

What Is The Thonon Diet?

Every day for two full weeks, you should limit yourself to 600-800 calories per day. There is not an adequate protein intake that you should go to, but there is a strange meal plan: you should eat a cup of coffee or tea without sugar for breakfast (sometimes a splash of milk or the simple side is allowed, as a piece of wholemeal bread!). Lunch always relies on protein: maybe one or two boiled eggs with fresh vegetables or fish boiled with tomatoes. For dinner, you should eat something like meat or ham with optional vegetable garnishes. This is a very tight lose weight in two weeks program.

Then comes the “stabilization phase”, where women must have 1,200 calories per day (lasts a time not specified). In the morning, it is no longer sugar or coffee, with a little yogurt or a glass of milk; a small piece of bread with a little margarine; and fruit or a glass of fruit juice. Lunch consists of vegetables with 100 to 150 grams of protein, in the form of meat, fish or fried eggs, with cottage cheese and fruits that are not sweet. Dinner is a plate of homemade soup with vegetables, small potatoes, a small portion of protein, vegetables with a little margarine, a piece of bread and fruit. The sandwiches between the foods consist of yogurt or cottage cheese.

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How To Do The Thonon Diet?

Like most dietary rules, the thonon diet also has a specific way to lose weight quickly.

In essence, the 14-day diet in the thonon diet is 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can adjust the type of breakfast and lunch with a low calorie menu.

After 14 days on a strict diet, the next step is the “stabilization stage”. Usually, this phase will last for one week for each drop of one kilogram of body weight.

Some parties who support this method argue that the thonon diet is the best solution to lose weight quickly. But the counter party or still hesitant say otherwise.

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Lose Weight In Two Weeks With The Thonon Diet

You will see that the Thonon diet is a very effective diet. You can lose up to 22 lbs in just 2 weeks! A pretty spectacular result!

However, care in the control of the Thonon diet is undoubtedly an important condition to achieve weight loss.

You must follow the Thonon Diet to perfection if you want to achieve weight loss. There is no other option with the Thonon Diet: everything is carefully recorded and must be followed!

If you like to eat salty, you must change your eating habits. Salt is actually forbidden in this slimming drug.

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Decreased Calories And A High Protein Diet!

The Thonon diet is based on two dietary food principles: a high protein diet (or “protein diet”) combined with a hypocaloric diet (or “low calorie diet”).

Therefore, lose weight in two weeks program will consume mainly proteins (meat, fish, eggs, …) and will minimize your consumption of carbohydrates and fats.

If you are on the top menu, we offer you all the details of the Thonon Diet (day after day for 14 days) and below, a summary of the two week diet. We recommend that you follow the complete (and free) instructions in the top menu.

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First day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, unsalted spinach
  • Dinner: 1 large grilled steak or 3 small burgers, lettuce and celery at will

Second day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar and with some milk
  • Lunch: a great steak, lettuce, tomatoes and fruit at will
  • Dinner: Cooked Ham at will

Third day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar and 1 small whole-grain bread
  • Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, lettuce and tomatoes at will
  • Dinner: Ham and salad at will

Fourth day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Coffee or tea without sugar, a small bread
  • Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg, raw or cooked carrots, a piece of cheese
  • Dinner: Fruits at will, a whole natural yoghurt

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Fifth day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Grated carrots, 1 black coffee or tea
  • Lunch: Fish in court bouillon, 2 tomatoes
  • Dinner: A normal steak, green salad as desired

Sixth day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, a small bread
  • Lunch: Grilled Chicken at will
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, carrots raw or cooked at will

Seventh day of the Thonon Diet

  • Breakfast: Coffee, tea or a herbal tea with lemon. Without sugar
  • Lunch: A great steak, fruit at will
  • Joker Dinner: Eat reasonably what you want (No alcohol)

Eighth day and the following ones…

  • Resume the first day of the Thonon Diet up to 14 days
  • After 2 weeks, if you stick strictly to the slimming program, weight loss should be around 22 pounds

Last Word Of Warning

According to Samantha Rigoli, a nutritionist at Healthy to The Core New York City, in theory a monotonous food menu will be difficult in the long run. With the program lose weight in two weeks we may experience weight loss at the beginning of a diet program, but to maintain that weight is not easy.

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If if we cannot maintain the diet, the Thonon diet will be difficult to maintain in the long term so that in the end the weight will return to its original state.

In addition, lose weight in two weeks program is also considered unhealthy because it only relies on high protein intake, but is low in calories. A number of studies report that eating a diet high in protein and fiber makes a person tend to experience constipation, although in the end this diet managed to lose weight fast.

Thonon’s diet pattern is also not recommended for children, parents, pregnant women, people who have heart disease, people with kidney problems, hypertensive people, and people who are taking certain drugs.

Instead, if you want to lose weight in two weeks try doing a healthy way. He recommends increasing physical activity and replacing processed foods with foods with more diverse nutrients.