Invest cautiously when markets are at all-time highs

The stock markets are at all-time highs, and it’s understandable if you are confused whether to invest or wait for correction. Timing the market is not easy. And while piling up your savings or putting them into traditional investment options seems like an easier option, it lacks the growth opportunities which capital markets could present. […]

Five essential money skills for millennials

If you were born after 1980 then you will be considered as a member of the millennial generation or more commonly known as the generation Y. It is considered a generation of click-happy and tech-savvy people, who believe in living in the moment. The millennial generation also has some other not-so-flattering nicknames. They have been […]

Accident cover not enough, insure body parts too

“One pair of hands,” as Elvis Presley famously sang. But, what is the price of a finger if you are a software developer? Or a toe, if you are a sales professional practically living out of the suitcase? Quite a few of us rely on the parts of our bodies to earn a living. Surgeons […]

How doctors can ensure their financial well being

Financial planning for doctors differs from others as their professional goals, regularity of income, retirement age, etc., are not always in sync with other professionals. Owing to hectic schedules, doctors do not pay much attention to managing their finances. Here is how doctors can ensure their financial well being. Goals are ongoing events: Identifying and […]