How To Turn Soba Noodles Into Your Dream Dinner

When it comes to comforting noodle dishes, many people turn to pasta for baked ziti and lasagna. We have another option to suggest: soba noodles. Soba noodles are traditionally buckwheat noodles ― soba is Japanese for buckwheat ― but not all are 100 percent buckwheat. Some of them are a mixture of wheat and buckwheat. (So if you’re trying to […]

CoverGirl’s Newest Face Is 69-Year-Old Maye Musk

CoverGirl keeps on getting better with age, adding new members to its roster of awesome faces. The same can be said of its newest star, 69-year-old model, dietician and entrepreneur Maye Musk. COVERGIRLGorgeous, girl.  Musk, who is also the mother of Tesla founder Elon Musk, filmmaker Tosca Musk and The Kitchen Community founder Kimbal Musk, has two master’s degrees and has been […]

Beyoncé Was Red-Hot Retro At The Bruno Mars Concert In New York City

It’s a rare that Beyoncé is at Madison Square Garden and she’s not performing or watching a Knicks game. On Saturday, the superstar singer hit up the arena with Jay-Z and their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, for a Bruno Mars concert. Bey wore a red dress from Valentino’s Resort 2018 collection, according to People, as well as white heels and a […]

Doctors See A Surge In Babies With Syphilis-Associated Birth Defects

Last year, over 600 pregnancies in the United States were affected by syphilis. Of those, 45 babies were either stillborn or dead within the first month of life, while many others may have been born with serious defects, some of them irreversible. While these cases represent a tiny fraction of the approximately 3.9 million births that […]

‘SNL’ Star Pete Davidson Brings Awareness To An Uncommon Mental Health Issue

Pete Davidson is getting real about his experience with borderline personality disorder, an uncommon but serious mental health condition that deserves attention. The “Saturday Night Live” cast member opened up to Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast earlier this week, where he discussed entering a rehabilitation program for mental health issues late last year that he thought […]

8 Underrated Qualities To Look For In A Spouse, According To Experts

There are certain important qualities we’re taught to look for in our romantic partners: Are they honest? Are they strong communicators? Are they good at handling money? And the list goes on. But what about the less obvious signs that someone will make a great husband or wife? We asked relationship experts to tell us what seemingly […]

The Best Online Fashion Advice For Men And Women

You don’t have to be lost when it comes to fashion. Maybe you need a guiding hand, and there are plenty of resources available. Once you start to gain some solid information regarding fashion, you will be well on your way to expressing your individual interests when it comes to fashion in today’s society. If […]

Fashion giants LVMH and Kering ban size zero models

  PARIS (Reuters) – French fashion companies Kering and LVMH will stop hiring excessively thin models worldwide under a new charter developed in response to continued criticism the industry encourages eating disorders. France banned ultra-thin models under a 2015 law though it only stipulated models needed a doctor’s note attesting to their health based on […]

6 Home Renovations That Pamper Pets Beyond Compare

You know your pets are genuine members of the family when you start to think about renovating your house specifically to accommodate their needs. Of course you want your cat, dog, or any critter under your roof to be happy, so why not add a couple of amenities built just for him? And when the time comes to sell, your home will be […]