Bones clue to ‘lost’ Viking army which made England

A lost Viking army which was a “key part” of the creation of England may have been identified by archaeologists. More than 250 skeletons found at St Wystan’s church, Repton, Derbyshire, have been dated to the 9th Century. Chronicles state a “large heathen army” began to hack its way across England in 866AD, toppling Anglo-Saxon […]

Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package Sets Highest Production Lap

The new lexus nx for sale appeared to be a greatly phenomenal, intriguing supercar for just about the initial 3 seconds that I at first caught wind of it. Execution figures aside (for the occasion), the LFA appeared to simply fly up quickly in car news as Toyota’s debut extravagance supercar. I’ve seen slight specifies […]

Why Is Pest Control Important for Ecology and Health?

Each nation worldwide has been battling to control bugs for a very long time. The term vermin is typically alluded to the unsafe creatures that are negative to human wellbeing or even the environment. Irritations can be even life forms, parasites, or weeds, and so on. Before we think about the different intends to control […]

Can we make fashion greener?

We continue to buy new clothes at an incredible rate. How can manufacturers reduce fashion’s environmental footprint? According to the Valuing Our Clothes report analysing the contents of British wardrobes by the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP), we purchased 1,130,000 tonnes of new clothing last year in the UK. Meanwhile, an estimated £30bn worth of our clothing […]

British mission to giant A-68 berg approved

UK scientists will lead an international expedition to the huge new iceberg that recently calved in the Antarctic. A-68, which covers an area of almost 6,000 sq km, broke away in July. Researchers are keen to investigate the seafloor uncovered by the trillion-tonne block of ice. Previous such ventures have discovered new species. The British […]

New evidence on how birds took to the air

New fossil evidence has pushed back a key step in the evolution of bird flight by millions of years. Skeletal changes that helped birds take to the air happened 120 million years ago, during the hey day of dinosaurs, according to a specimen from China. Features such as fused bones were thought to be present […]

Mass extinctions ‘offer cautionary tale’

Mass extinctions have the potential to guide modern conservation efforts, say scientists. A study confirms the idea that upheavals of the geological past caused a drastic loss of biodiversity. ”Disaster faunas” dominated by a small number of widespread, newly-evolving species prevailed for millions of years. Researchers warn that a sixth mass extinction is underway, which […]

Satellites spy Antarctic ‘upside-down ice canyon’

Scientists have identified a way in which the effects of Antarctic melting can be enhanced. Their new satellite observations of the Dotson Ice Shelf show its losses, far from being even, are actually focused on a long, narrow sector. In places, this has cut an inverted canyon through more than half the thickness of the […]