Gravitational wave hunters bag fourth black-hole detection

Scientists have detected another burst of gravitational waves coming from the merger of two black holes. The collision occurred nearly 2 billion years ago, but it was so far away that its shockwave has only just reached us. This is the fourth confirmed detection made by an international team investigating Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. […]

Europe plans Sentinel satellite expansion

Europe has begun the process of scoping an expansion to its Sentinel Earth observation network. Six new satellite concepts will be studied, including a constellation of spacecraft that can monitor emissions of carbon dioxide. Invitations to tender (ITTs) for the feasibility work will be sent out to industry in the coming weeks. The European Space […]

Australia joins UK space radar mission

Image captionRadar satellites traditionally are much bigger and much heavier Australia is to be a launch partner on the UK’s innovative new small radar satellite, NovaSAR. The spacecraft, which will track shipping and forestry change from orbit, is due to launch on an Indian rocket early next year. Australia’s main research organisation, CSIRO, has signed a […]

DNA surgery on embryos removes disease

Precise “chemical surgery” has been performed on human embryos to remove disease in a world first, Chinese researchers have told the BBC. The team at Sun Yat-sen University used a technique called base editing to correct a single error out of the three billion “letters” of our genetic code. They altered lab-made embryos to remove […]

Tsunami drives species ‘army’ across Pacific to US coast

Scientists have detected hundreds of Japanese marine species on US coasts, swept across the Pacific by the deadly 2011 tsunami. Mussels, starfish and dozens of other creatures great and small travelled across the waters, often on pieces of plastic debris. Researchers were surprised that so many survived the long crossing, with new species still washing […]

Gene variant linked to Alzheimer’s disease is a triple threat

A genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease is a double, make that triple, whammy. In addition to speeding up the development of brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s, a gene variant known as APOE4 also makes tau tangles — another signature of the disease — worse, researchers report online September 20 in Nature. APOE4 protein also ramps up brain inflammation that […]

Atlantic hurricane season 2017: What you should know

Hurricane Irma is now considered a Category 5 hurricane. The storm was approximately 180 miles east of Antigua, the National Hurricane Center said Tuesday. The news comes after Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston and other parts of Texas. Harvey’s death toll has reached at least 60. The hurricane season for the Atlantic – which started June 1 – will continue […]

Aliens could learn about us from math on Voyager’s Golden Record

The Voyager 1 probe, which launched 40 years ago today (Sept. 5), is humankind’s most distant physical emissary, at almost 13 billion miles (21 billion kilometers) from Earth. Voyager 1 and its sister-spacecraft, Voyager 2, which launched two weeks earlier in 1977, gave scientists their first close-up views of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. And the spacecraft […]

Consultation launched on how science funding should be invested

The consultation is seeking views from the science community so that it has the opportunity to say how this money should be invested; from refurbishing a university laboratory, to investing in a new major international project. This follows the Chancellor’s announcement on making a long-term commitment to invest in science and research infrastructure, increasing capital investment to £1.1 billion […]

ISRO earns six million euros from satellite launches in June

The ISRO has earned six million euros by launching 29 nano satellites from 14 countries in a PSLV rocket launch in June this year, the government told the Lok Sabha. Jitendra Singh Union Minister, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, said the Indian Space Research Organisation has launched 130 foreign satellites in the […]