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nonton film Korean drama “Longing Heart” or known as “My First Love” is one of the newest drakas that will air in 2017. The series will air on SBS Plus channel in December 2017 yesterday, for the filming of this new drama will be done in late August 2017.

The drama series “Longing Heart” in the adaptation of the famous series webcomic titled “Aeganjang” by Kim Hee-Ran and Kim Byung-Gwan was first published on August 8, 2015. For this drama storyline is about a teacher of mathematics who can not forget his first love and travel past time into high school students.

Not to forget the cast of the drama series “Longing Heart” is a famous actor and member of K-pop “CNBLUE” named Lee Jung-Shin who in 2017 is also playing the series “My Sassy Girl”. Her female lead actress is a young and beautiful actress Lee Yeol-Eum and not to be missed by handsome actor Seo Ji-Hoon who this year also played in the kdrama “School 2017” as a supporting role.

Korean drama “My First Love” tells the story of Kang Shin-Woo starring Lee Jung-Shin is a handsome math teacher. She has not been able to forget her first love Han Ji-Soo (Lee Yeol-Eum) for the past 10 years. With an accident, she travels to the past when she was a high school student.

There, he meets his younger self played by someone else ie Seo Ji-Hoon. Kang Shin-Woo struggles to make Kang Shin-Woo’s (young) love a reality. Can He make it happen?

Details About Longing Heart Drama:

Title: Longing Heart
Other Title: My First Love / Aeganjang / 애간장
Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Fantasy
Episodes: 10 (eight)
Director: Min Yeon-Hong
Screenwriter: Kim Hee-Ran and Kim Byung-Gwan, both from webcomic
Channel Station: OCN
On aired on: January 8, 2018 – January 30, 2018, Every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00

Detail List of Longing Heart Players:

Lee Jung-Shin plays the role of Kang Shin-Woo
Lee Yeol-Eum plays Han Ji-Soo
Seo Ji-Hoon plays the role of Kang Shin-Woo (18 years old)
Lee Tae-Sun plays the role –
Jo Seung-Hee plays Baek Na-Hee
Song Ji-Hyun acts as Kang Shin-Hee
Lee Joo-Hyung acts as Choo Geun-Deok
Min Do-Hee

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