Fenwick have made a special de-stressing scent to make shopping calmer

Fenwick have brought out a special de-stressing scent to make shopping calmer

Shopping isn’t always the most chilled experience, especially if you’re on the hunt for a specific item which you can’t find, or everything you try on that day looks crap. (We’ve all been there).

Fenwick found that 24 per cent of shoppers have bought an item without really considering it, admitting they have done so because they were on a rushed lunchbreak shopping spree.

Which is a shame. Shopping should be a nice thing. If you’re going to hand over your cash then it should be as part of an experience which makes you feel happier and more chilled, not worse.

Enter, Fenwick Quiescent, which is intended to enhance the relaxing atmosphere that shoppers experience.

The scent is now being released for the public to buy to mark the opening of Fenwick Bracknell, the first new store for the retailer in 14 years. So now you can make your house (or your clothes) smell like a department store.

Fenwick kindly popped some scent over to Metro.co.uk so we could decide whether it worked. A little spritz around the desk left us feeling more cheerful. If you closed your eyes and ignored the sounds of furious typing, you could almost be having a relaxing Saturday afternoon browse after brunch.

Unfortunately it’s not a magic spray so it’s not possible to make that true, but hey, an office which smells nice has got to be better than an office that smells like a whole lot of different microwaved lunches.

The fragrance is a  fusion of sandalwood, cedarwood (which stimulate the brain’s limbic system and help to elevate our mood and relax) and mandarin (is well-known for its uplifting and calming effects) with notes of vanilla and jasmine at the heart. The range of oils apparently triggers the olfactory system and the nervous system.

You can get hold of the scent at Fenwick Bracknell while stocks last, or just go for a wander around any branch of Fencick and see if you leave feeling calmer.