Ina Garten can’t get enough of this seasonal fruit

One of the best parts of summer is all the fresh produce, perfect on its own or an excellent addition to any meal for an instant healthy update. And even though the season is coming to an end, Ina Garten seems to be taking advantage of these last few weeks by eating as much fruit as possible.

It appears that the Barefoot Contessa is especially fond of one fruit in particular: tomatoes. The celebrity chef took to Instagram recently to share her love of the fruit, posting images of several varieties of tomatoes along with a couple easy dishes to incorporate them.

Garten snapped a pic at the farmer’s market, showing cartons overflowing with fresh cherry tomatoes, which are a key ingredient in her Summer Garden Pasta. She shared the quick and delicious recipe on Instagram just a few days prior, which features cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic marinated in olive oil for four hours, tossed with angel hair pasta and topped with parmesan cheese.

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The chef shared another classic tomato dish: caprese salad with sliced heirloom and cherry tomatoes, sprinkled with fresh basil. “THIS!!!! Dinner tonight!” she wrote.

Garten also prompted her fans to share their own favorite recipes featuring tomatoes. She posted a photo of a heaping plate full of colorful heirloom tomatoes, writing “I love when this …becomes.” Suggestions included a tomato grilled cheese sandwich, summer salad and tomato tart.

Tomatoes aren’t the only food Garten eats regularly. Earlier this year, she shared that she eats the same breakfast every day. “I’ve had the same thing for breakfast every single day for 10 years: coffee and McCann’s quick-cooking Irish oatmeal,” revealed Garten, adding that she cooks the oats with lots of salt so it doesn’t “taste like wallpaper paste.”