On the Track for Personal Sustainability

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The less we use in building homes, buildings, and other large objects, including vehicles, the better off our planet becomes. The same goes for maintaining these things. Every little bit helps the earth and future generations. However, making this a habit in a society where disposable items exist in excessive amounts can work against this need to use fewer products one time and then throw it away. It becomes even more difficult while increasing the number of things we re-use again and again and also find secondary uses to keep things from becoming tossed away.

One thing that can help us ease into this habit of recycling things for further use, and for use in other capacities, includes t shirt rags. These come from old t shirts and might contain small holes or tears, but they also come in a variety of colors. Making your own to clean your home, car or truck, and anything else saves money and helps keep the environment cleaner. Because they come from recycled materials, they really help the planet by saving on how many new materials need harvesting to make cleaning cloths from virgin materials.

These can also come in handy for small arts, crafts, or sewing projects around the home. Children might also find them useful when working on school projects. Since these come in a variety of colors, they might work well for projects in science, art, language arts, cultural studies, and many other areas.

Clubs and social groups often need these types of materials, and could even use these as an example of recyclable materials found in practically every home. Other ways to use these by a group might involve making small items to sell at crafts fairs and bazaars to raise money. These colorful rags, as well as most other recyclable items, do not need to stay confined to only one-way people re-use them. Creatively thinking about how recyclable items can help us or others can inspire us to come up with multiple ways to extend the life of things that would otherwise end up in a bag tossed away.