How to Choose a Web Host

Shared web hosting is exceptionally normal in the present online world. There are boundless web hosting specialist co-ops offering shared hosting plans and administrations which are usually valuable for individual blogging websites and business websites. When all is said in done terms, you can characterize the shared web hosting as an administration where a solitary […]

Selecting the best florist: Secrets revealed

These days, florist offers something beyond flowers. In the event that you visit the site or shop of a florist, you can discover those pitching things from chocolate to hampers. As the flowers and blessings industry blasts, more individuals are beginning their own particular florist organizations. In any case, with such a significant number of […]

Nike’s NFC-powered NBA jerseys are a door to exclusive goods

When the National Basketball Association’s 2017-2018 season tips off on October 17th, it will mark the beginning of a new era for the league. For the first time in more than a decade, all 30 teams are going to wear Nike uniforms on the court. The company is replacing Adidas as the NBA’s main apparel sponsor, after its sportswear rival […]

Researchers have increased atomic clock precision yet again

Researchers have pushed the precision and stability of atomic clocks to increasingly greater levels over the last few years. A big advancement was the introduction of optical lattices, lasers which essentially quarantine individual atoms and boost accuracy by keeping them from moving around and interacting with each other. Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have used […]

Cortana can command your smart home devices on Windows 10

Now that Google has unveiled the new additions to its Home speaker lineup and Sonos has launched its own Alexa-enabled device, Microsoft seriously has to hurry up if it wants its assistant to have a shot at finding a place in our homes. Even though we may finally be close to seeing the Cortana-enabled Harman Kardon Invoke speaker arrive in stores, Microsoft […]

Magic Leap will get Madefire mixed reality comics on launch day

Magic Leap is getting Madefire’s mixed reality comics from day one. Reps from both companies announced their partnership at the New York Comic Con, revealing that they’ve actually been working together for the past five years. They promise you’ll be able to view comic panels like they’re 3D illustrations floating mid-air and that you’ll be able […]

Meet Alice: The virtual assistant from Russian search giant Yandex

Russian search giant Yandex has unveiled its virtual assistant Alice. Like Alexa or Siri, Alice provides users with directions, weather forecasts and news as well as incorporating access to other Yandex offerings like its music service. And, of course, it does all of this in Russian, which Yandex points out isn’t an easy language for AI to tackle. “Speech […]

Google created a fun way to learn about simple AI

You’ve probably heard the term “machine learning” quite a bit — basically, it refers to training computers to learn without directly programming them. It’s a particularly hot topic these days when it comes to AI, since machine learning is the best way to create artificial neural networks, which function similar to the human brain. To […]

Barcelona and other Catalan La Liga clubs to join region-wide strike

Barcelona is joining a strike to protest against the Spanish government’s actions in Catalonia’s independence vote. None of its professional teams will practice on Tuesday. Barcelona said on Monday its youth teams also won’t train, and the club headquarters will be closed as a reaction to government attempts to stop the referendum. Officials said more […]